Our Quality Policy
  1. To retain customer satisfaction at the highest level.

  2. To produce quality, economical and reliable Aluminum Profile and Plastic Products.

  3. To be the preferred and reliable company in the Aluminum and Plastic sector we are in.

  4. To maintain a peaceful and healthy working environment.

  5. To incessantly train our employees.

  6. To invariably develop and improve our quality system in accordance with the developing technology conditions with all our employees.

  7. Continuously improving the quality of the product and making the costs economical, with the participation of all staff.

  8. To be in constant cooperation with our suppliers.

  9. To protect environmental values ​​by using our resources in the most efficient way.


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Our Environmental Policy
  1. To conform with the legal regulations and obligations concerning the environment for the Aluminum and Plastic Sector we are in.,

  2. To accept all requirements by creating an Environmental Management System,

  3. To attempt and minimize the wastes originating from our facility at its source and to recycle as much as possible,

  4. To abate losses by following the developing technology and keeping the efficiency of our facilities at the highest level,

  5. To reduce the use of natural resources as a result of our continuous improvement efforts,

  6. To enhance awareness of all our employees and all individuals and companies with whom we are related to the environment,

  7. To continually increment our environmental performance and to consider environmental factors in your new investments


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Our OHS Policy
  1. To conform with legal regulations on occupational Health and Safety in all activities.,

  2. To educate /train and raise awareness in order to make sure the health and safety of all our employees.,

  3. It is significant to ensure that our entire employees, suppliers and visitors must follow with the established OHS rules,

  4. To recognize and eliminate the factors that may bring about work accident and occupational disease in our business.,

  5. To work on measuring and developing the performance of the OHS management system.

  6. To follow technological developments in occupational Health and Safety and to direct our investments accordingly.,

  7. To ensure the participation of our employees and suppliers in all our processes.


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Why Process?

Process Plise Pleated Blinds Systems
We produce for you!

Process Plise, which serves with its expert staff in quality, aims at your satisfaction as the number one and serves you with a mission to respond fully to your requests.

We bring customer values ​​to the forefront with our company, which instills quality awareness to all its employees, especially its managers, up to the lowest level, attaches importance to details, and offers a fast, clean and trouble-free delivery phase.

As a company who loves their job, who cares about their work, who does not miss their friendliness, knows their job and has a command of every branch of the chain of events that develops from production to delivery, we guarantee high quality and satisfaction with our products we deliver to you.

We offer fast delivery and customer satisfaction as well as the quality we guarantee in our work in which we are experts in every field from production to distribution. We add value to your architecture and save you money with our Plisse Curtain Systems equipped with the latest technology in the production of Plisse Curtain Systems.

  • Quality manufacturing process based on innovation.
  • Production projection in accordance with certificates and standards.
  • Warranty certificate on all products we produce.
  • Quality standards and accreditations.
  • A structure that constantly analyzes customer expectations.

Our Brands

Process Aluminium and PVC Sistems